EU-Japan Agreement on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters

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The  European  Union  and  Japan  have  concluded  an  Agreement  providing  for  mutual  legal  assistance  in  criminal  matters  between Japan  and  the  twenty-seven  EU  Member  States. It went into force on 2 January 2011; its official languages are English and Japanese.  

Hereafter,  we  present  to  our  readers  both  a  press  release  of  the  Council  of  the  European  Union  of  18 October  2010  (A)  and the  main  text  of the  Agreement  (B;  the  three  appendices  are  not  reprinted),  which  was  published  in  English  language  in  the  Official Journal of the European Union, 12.2.2010, L 39/20-35.  

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